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Hi, I’m Lara Schoenfeld, the founder of Great Mom Coaching, helping working moms let go of their guilt and know that they are great moms


I’m an occupational therapist, life coach, entrepreneur, and mom of three boys. I created Great Mom Coaching to help working moms like you overcome their fears and boost their confidence as moms. I know how hard it is to juggle work and home, to feel torn between two worlds, to never feel that you are doing enough for either. That’s why I developed a fourteen-week online coaching course that covers topics such as living out your personal values, being present and connected through play; managing the mom-nanny team, the meals and mess; and self-care

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  • Over 18 years of experience as an occupational therapist
  • Successful entrepreneur and founder of two other businesses
  • Mom of three boys 
  • Certified life coach 
  • Passionate about helping working moms achieve their own goals and live their best lives
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    Raving Review Of Our Services

    Lara’s Great Mom course became available to me at just the right time. I was struggling with so many emotions around the complexities of motherhood, trying my best to squeeze everything from work to household duties and precious time with my little one into a day, week, month, then loosing confidence when I wasn’t able to achieve it all.

    Lara’s content is structured beautifully, with well thought out material which is researched with scientifically proven insights. The variety of topics reach the touch points of the day to day life of any working mom, while also addressing deep and profound areas of motherhood that we all experience as a mother.

    - Michelle