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The Nanny Solution Book by Lara Schoenfeld

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If you are a working mom, or a new mom returning to work after maternity leave, Lara Schoenfeld's The Nanny Solution is a guilt-free guide to ensuring exceptional childcare for back to work moms. Featuring the 5S Framework, (selection, sensitive caregiving, sanity, skills and switching gears) it is an invaluable reference.

Lara, an occupational therapist (OT), employed a nanny after maternity leave because like many moms, she had to return to work, and had no family living nearby. Leaving for work every day knowing that her son was loved and well cared for was comforting but she was still overcome with mommy guilt.

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As an OT, she knew what kind of stimulation he needed to support his development, but here she was – a play advocate who couldn’t stimulate her own son the way she wanted to. She decided that this had to change. That's when she founded Nanny ‘n Me a weekly training program for nannies.

"I drew on my passions for how the brain works, the science of play and my love for developing people to create a play-based training program that nannies could relate to. I started in my lounge with my toddler, his nanny and the neighborhood nannies in 2012 and before I knew it, I had 60 nannies enrolled..."

Since then, Lara's company has trained over 4,500 nannies.

The Nanny Solution helps you make informed decisions about the process of advertising, fielding CVs, interviews, screening, trials and probation periods, and hiring a nanny, (and hiring mistakes to avoid), quality at-home care, structured play 0-3, infant brain development, accident prevention, handling emergencies, first aid training, language development, baby equipment, breastfeeding and much, much more.


5 Star Reviews

A lovely, quick read with important and helpful information for all moms. Especially new moms who are preparing to go back to work. A lovely resource to have!


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Such a great read and advice when looking for someone to look after your most precious gifts - your kids. Thank you


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This book provides all that a new mom needs when faced with the challenge of finding the person who is going to look after your pride and joy while you can't! Advice from both the heart and mind!


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Returning to work after having my baby boy was harder than I could ever have imagined. I wish I had this book before navigating those challenging times! The author is an occupational therapist and mother, and so the book finds a great balance between knowledge and heart. It systematically works through practical steps from beginning to end, is rich with content, but easy to read. I love this book and will definitely be recommending it to my mommy-friends!


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